About Marius Forte

Marius Forte was born and raised in Vienna, Austria , but attended an American school. As a young man he traveled throughout Africa, eventually starting a cement business in Nigeria. After three successful years there, he moved to Saudi Arabia and continued his business ventures in cement and construction.He traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, the far East, South America and, of course, throughout Europe, East and West, exploring in depth those areas’ diverse religions, cultures and political systems. Having been raised in a country  practically encircled by Communist countries, with the Iron Curtain only 35 miles from his birthplace, he can draw a direct contrast between the freedom he experienced in the West and the enslavement policies at work in the East. His exposure to this tremendous, tragic dichotomy engendered in Marius a life-long quest to find the answers to life’s greatest questions. That, he discovered, was his calling.For the past twenty years Marius has lived in New York. He is uniquely endowed to debate on almost any topic intelligently, effortlessly, and with a grounded historical perspective, not from hearsay, but from the greatest teacher of all: life itself.

7 thoughts on “About Marius Forte

  1. Marius, I’ve been listening to you on the Jerry Doyle show and have thoroughly enjoyed your program. Your tooth and nail challenge to progressive dogma is very compelling to everyday people and is what is needed to right the ship here in the USA if freedom and liberty are to prevail. Please continue to substitute as much as you can and get your message out in any way possible.
    Thank you. :)

  2. I happened upon Marius Forte guest hosting Jerry Doyle’s pm talk show last week. I’m Really impressed by this guy. Intelligent, articulate, not a screamer (ala O’Rielly and Hannity) and so eminently sensible. I see one publication under his authorship (The Answer) – can only hope there are more. And give this man more air time!

  3. Hi. Heard ye subbing for Rusty. You are terrific man! You are deep and fully on the mark! Now, if you could also talk about the cheap-labor scam thats been destroying America.

  4. I listen to Sam Sorbo a lot and enjoy your conversations with her. Funny thing is I just listened to an old Jerry Doyle show from 09/11/13 and you were the host and Sam was the guest.
    Funny coincidence! Thank you Marius and Merry Christmas.

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