Sam’s Response to Offensive Atheist Billboard in Times Square

Dear Mr. David Silverman,
Thank you for the recent debate you and my co-author engaged in on Fox, regarding your placement of a billboard in Times Square announcing “Take the Christ out of Christmas.” It was interesting to hear your point of view, which boils down to you protecting others from their religion. “Christmas is fun, except for the church stuff, so just leave that out of it.”
Having been raised an atheist Jew, much like yourself, I can completely understand your position and your erroneous interpretation of religion – Christianity, to be precise – as punitive and destructive, something to rescue others from. I also know that once I proved to myself the existence of a Holy and Righteous Creator, my fear dissipated and I became a much happier person. Religion, far from being constricting and burdensome, as you believe, set me free to enjoy my life.
Sadly, you admit to never having attended church, so you couldn’t possibly know. How many professionals did you speak to before concluding the entire profession was wrong? In any case we know you are not alone. We all know people who are disappointed in God and Church, like you. You represent them, childishly daring an omnipotent God, who graciously endowed his creation, humankind, with free choice, to make a believer of you.
After I prayed for you, I began to wonder if God wasn’t actually simply working through you, in His attempt to reach you and many more. I’ve concluded that we believers owe you a debt of gratitude. You are serving God in placing that billboard, which, by denigrating both Christ and anyone who worships Christ, proves only the opposite – that there would be no Christmas without Christ, and that after 2000 years, Christ is still stirring hearts and minds.
Marius mentioned that Christmas is like the celebration of a friend’s birthday, but He isn’t just any friend. We celebrate the life of a hero who died, a Savior who sacrificed His life for us, to whom we owe our very freedom in this Judeo-Christian country. Your billboard spits on His grave, His memory. To that end, you are bringing great attention to Him who saved us, and you were chosen especially by God to do this work. You represent and speak to the rebellious, scared and unhappy (the atheists) very well, something our book, The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven, is also meant to do. You show them the truth – that without Christ the “Holy day” is just an empty celebration of nothingness, much like an atheist’s entire life appears to him, meaningless and truly depressing.
You are doing more on behalf Christ than many. Thank you, and may God continue to bless your work, and may God’s love fill your heart this Christmas.