About Sam Sorbo

Both Sorbo and Forte have traveled the world and bring a wealth of experiences to any topic of discussion. They are both published authors, and successes in their respective fields. Sam Sorbo is an international fashion model, real estate developer, actress, wife, mother of three, writer, philosopher, photographer, hospital volunteer, and founder of TrueFeminist.com. She speaks five languages fluently and advocates home schooling. A native of Pittsburgh, PA, Sam first traveled abroad with her mother on a whirlwind tour of Europe that kindled her intense travel lust. She spent her senior year of high school as an exchange student in Sweden, then attended Duke University to study biomedical engineering. During college she spent a year in Paris, learning French and pursuing her interest in fashion and photography with the renowned Elite Modeling Agency in Paris, France.


22 thoughts on “About Sam Sorbo

  1. Found Sam Sorbo filling on on the Andrea Tantaros show. I have found a kindred spirit- well, we are alike in thought if not deed, I am nowhere NEAR as accomplised – or educated – as Mrs. Sorbo. I love the show. She has interesting and enlightened guests, and her interviews are investigative and deep. So glad I found you, Sam Sorbo. Hope you stay on the air for a long, long time.

  2. I Listen to Sam on Andrea’s morning show. Bright,Intelligent, informative and a common sense perception of our current events. .

  3. Hi Sam just read your book I am puzzled by the fact that reincarnation is talked about,being a believer of Christ’s all mighty power and my love for him and all that He has done in my life and others I cannot recall anywhere in the bible the talk of reincarnation. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated because at this moment I don’t feel comfortable recommending your book to others. Thank you Diana

    • Diana,

      Thank you for your comment!
      The book addresses God, God’s laws and their consequences in 21 chapters. His laws are the laws by which we all live every moment. The laws of gravity, the laws of Circulation, Polarity and the law of Cause and Effect for example that Christ refers to on the Sermon on the Mount when he said that we reap what we sow.

      You may disagree with one but still find logic in the others as we are all followers in Christ. For instance, I may disagree with the King James Bible because historically it was ordered directly by him in order to relieve King Henry the 8th of the guilt over the crimes of murdering more then 75,000 of his subjects. But even this version of the Bible will still
      bring you closer to Jesus.

      “There are 3,500 different Christian denominations and much discord has been sown by people who concentrate on what divides rather on what unites them” (Spoken by Pope Jean Paul the 2nd.)

      • Just read your comment here above and smiled with your points of the Bible and reference to science. I am even more impressed that you understand what Christ said about “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”, relating to science terms of, “Cause and Effect”, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Also just watch a video interview you were in on gun control and mentioning your opposition to Common Core. I am beginning to believe that you most definitely need to be somewhere in our government. Being able to speak 5 languages is most definitely a big plus in international relations. You are the type of people we need, instead of the GOP continually running RINO, that will not get elected… My thoughts!

  4. Hi Sam may god bless you and your family. I’m so glad I found your show its my favorite now, helps get me through the work day. Thank you so much Ronnie

  5. Often listen, usually agree- just get sad when I hear Christians use coarse language, especially when I know they have kids. I hope if their kids used the language their parents use in those cases, they would be sent to their room or something similar. Examples: WTF/ f–t out mouth and breathe through b–thole (please, Sam!)/ killed people because he can’t get laid… Talk like a lady- it is easy. Thanks for what you do, I admire your passion and your courage. Phyllis Walker.

  6. Just heard Sam Sorbo on 1340 AM talk Radio Springfield MO, and was impressed. I first thought it was Deneen Borelli substituting for Laura Ingraham. You now have a fan Sam, tell it like it is.
    God Bless you.

  7. Hi Sam, I am truly NOT picking on you- I like you and listen nearly every day. Thank you so much for your valiant efforts on behalf of our country. Agree on most things…

    I want to note that King James is not here to defend himself regarding the low motives attributed to him in commissioning the writing of the King James Bible. I don’t believe them, Sam- I believe that the enemy- the devil- is always going to attack with his lies the very heart of truth, as in his famous gentle innuendo to Eve: “Hath God said…?” The King James Bible is the only bible untainted by Alexandrian influence among all the polluted versions (including the New King James) out there.

    NO REINCARNATION: Hebrews 9:27- And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. NO WAY TO HEAVEN BUT THROUGH AND BY JESUS: Acts 4:12- Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. John 3:3- Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee; Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
    NO REMISSION OF SIN WITHOUT JESUS’ BLOOD: Hebrews 9:22- …; and without shedding of blood is no remission.

    If you believe the Bible, then you cannot also believe that other religions are valid. The two positions are mutually exclusive. Best regards, Phyllis Walker.

  8. Hi Sam, The only way to contact you through the radio station is via Google, which due to what I’ve learned from Katherine Albrecht, I avoid using. I was sad to hear you going the way of The Answer 590 and KFI in getting the giggles over someone else’s tragedy. Hey, it wasn’t your arm, or Kevin’s arm, or your kid’s arm, which was found on that lawn, was it? That makes it funny.
    The language you continue to use, after promoting your book about a holy God, is foul and unworthy of an adult woman (or man, really). Foul language and cruelty towards others are also ways to tear down a country and a culture- have at it, Sam- I’m not saying I won’t listen- I will listen often for what I can learn- but I no longer feel a comfort level or a camaraderie with you which I had started with. Phyllis Walker.

  9. Hi Sam,
    Bought The Answer as a gift for friend and for myself as well. We are reading and discussing; however, we have come to a standstill on the soul and reincarnation and cannot move forward for without us both believing that the soul returns to perfect itself, and this being the book’s basis, we have hit a wall. I buy the soul returning until it is perfected and finally remaining with God, but my friend says that the soul is already perfect because God created it and as such, why would it need to return to learn lessons when it is already perfect.

    Can you help clarify the confusion over the soul needing to return if it is already perfect, so that we can proceed with Chapter 7 forward? That’s where we are now in our studies. I went back to the chapter “What is Soul” but it speaks of the soul as energy, unless I missed something. Still, even going with that premise, we then know God is energy. Therefore, if God is energy (soul), there is nothing to perfect because God is already perfect. If God is soul, and God creates perfect, why is the soul returning? Whew, hope you can guide us into clearer understanding of our confusion. Thanks much, Barbara

    • Barbara ,
      I greatly appreciate your questions and letting me try to further explain:
      The entire human experience is one of free choices and their consequences. The essence of our Christian faith is Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, where he clearly instructed how to live a righteous life in order to find a permanent communion with God. God also gave us the Ten Commandments to live by which further instructed us. But it is by our free choices that we follow his commands – or not.

      Throughout history there have been people who made right choices and wrong choices. Saints and sinners. All of our choices have consequences as the law of cause and effect is eternal and never rests. That is why at the very end of this process we do have 2 spheres that are our destiny. Heaven or Hell. To simplify it , if you have not passed the test you will be separated from the place that we call Heaven. Forever, meaning not a long time, but the absence of time. There is no cure. But by God’s grace most of us will make it through this graduation process.

      As a parent you will most probably love your children and when they reach the appropriate age send them off to school. In this building that itself is separated from the home they are raised in, they will go through many fictitious problems that are drawn on a blackboard. They will also come and go to this school in a specific rhythm
      as not all lessons can be learned in one day or one week only. Some will excel, some might not and some might even be expelled due to their own bad choices, as the law of cause and effect never rests. Once they graduate they can now move on to the world they were prepared for.

      A perfect soul could could not ever fall into sin. Therefore, our souls are not perfect or we would not have to face all the resistance of this world. Perfect souls reside in heaven.

      It is a cleansing and learning process that we all voluntarily go through. There is an amazing and deep purpose in everything we face in our lives. And each and every time we have choices to make that will reflect on our souls.
      Essentially we will live and become our decisions. So souls, (humans), make choices that can be good or bad or very bad. You can give your life for your brother or you can take the life of a sister. Both actions have absolute consequences. It is only by the grace of God that we get more then one chance to rectify our mistakes as it is only via mistakes that we learn. A child that learns to play tennis is expected to make many mistakes until it may enter a championship game.

      You see, once we graduate you could say we are closer to perfection. No one would argue that a student who graduated with honors is not more advanced then a child that just entered pre K. But it is a process of trial and error and in many cases hard work that is worth it, as what awaits us is truly greater then any of us could imagine: A permanent communion with God in Heaven.

      Re- in- carnation is just the repetitive process we all face that allows us to follow Gods laws and by our free choices come closer and closer to God’s perfection. It also follows God’s laws that whatever we may have done in the past (the cause) we will have to face in the future (the effect).

  10. Hi Sam,

    First, thank you very, very much for your thought-out and thoughtful reply. I almost got it, with two exceptions. Where you write:

    “So souls, (humans), make choices that can be good or bad or very bad.” Here it is implied that souls are humans. If so, I think that is where our confusion sits. I think of humans, well, as humans, with egos, free choice, etc. I think of Souls as spiritual beings, that are separate from the human being and mind., using the human form to experience life here on earth. No?

    Second, if the soul is perfect on the other side, why does it need to return?

    I know this is so simple for you and I apologize for sending a second email but this is so important to our understanding now…and then. Best, Barbara

    • Dear Barbara,
      Love to shed more light.
      Humans are finite bodies inhabited by eternal souls.
      As such, we have free choice. Hitler and Stalin made very bad choices
      for mankind but especially for themselves. So when they pass they are
      far from being perfect once they arrive on the other side.

      To come back to my school example: A kid that deals drugs repeatedly
      might be expelled – true to the law of cause and effect, balance and truth.
      So his homecoming will be different then a student who graduates with honors.
      Both went to school, both made choices that will have different consequences
      once they return home.

      In a way this life is the clay that forms the spirit according to our free choices,
      good or bad. Then the clay, our bodies, fall from us and what is left is our souls
      that cannot hide behind clothes or masks, for all to see.

      But God will give most of us truly many chances to rectify the mistakes
      we made. How? We will be allowed to try again and again until most
      of us get it right. That is the principle of every learning process.

      And second:

      The soul, once it sheds itself of the finite human body
      will look true to the choices, good or bad, this human made.

      Only Angels are different. They are not confined to our human lives
      at all but pure perfect spirit. Thats why angels when looked upon by humans always look so
      very magnificent and beautiful and pure.

      God bless you as you are seeking!
      May I ask you a favor? Please pray for me.
      Thank you,

  11. Dear Marius
    Thank you for your time, patience, and thoughtful reply. I will ponder it as I pray for higher awareness on a daily basis. As to your favor, consider it a fete accompli – Best, Barbara

  12. Unbiblical replies from Sam and Marius. They are preaching salvation by works, they are preaching reincarnation. Both are dangerous lies, told either in ignorance of the Bible or told willfully. Phyllis Walker.

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